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Established in 1994, Shinko Bearings and Beltings Pte Ltd is a manufacturer of certified hardware products. We provide premium belting and industrial components guaranteed to fulfil the demands of our customers.

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We stock a wide range of belting products that include quality belt drives. Find the types of belt drive suited for you.

Industrial Application Of Belt Drives And Their Benefits

Reduced Maintenance Cost

The application of belt drive mechanism is lubricant-free while also equipped with anti-jamming and overloading features. The component prevents hefty maintenance fees and ensures that your machines are kept running efficiently with little to zero downtime.

Improved Mechanical Performance

Belt drive design extends machine life through shock-absorption that reduce vibration and noise pollution to a minimal rate while transferring power from a source to a variety of devices.

Distanced Efficiency

Due to the characteristics of belt drive, they are ideal for transferring power over a long distance, making them perfect for large scale industrial installations. Additionally, their customisable speed efficiency allows the flexibility of function.

Why Choose Shinko Bearings And Beltings Pte Ltd?


Leading Brand

Our company stocks the trusted Schaeffler brand of industrial products, globally known for its reliability and efficiency at raising industrial productivity. Results have been tested and proven by paper mills and other large industries around the world.


Diverse Inventory

We supply a large assortment of bearings and beltings, manufactured to support your project needs. Products range from V-belts, timing belts, to polyurethane timing belts. Based on belt drive calculations, you are bound to find the right belting component for your setup at Shinko Bearings and Beltings Pte Ltd.



Established in 1975, Shinko Bearings and Beltings Pte Ltd deploy an experienced team, providing the products that meet gold standards of the manufacturing industries. Our supplies are sourced from the INA and FAG brands of the Schaeffler group, which provide goods, services and maintenances for leading companies throughout the world

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