Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Deep groove ball bearings come in several varieties and are designed for different purposes. These ball bearings are widely used in varying industries from heavy types of machinery to high precision equipment.

If your company is looking to install new deep groove ball bearings or wish to replace existing equipment with these ball bearings, Shinko is able to assist you from start to end with sound advice and information.

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Deep Groove Ball Bearings Uses And Benefits

Ball bearings are great tools because of its versatility and ability to accommodate to high speed production, work with radial and axial loads bi-directionally, and is low maintenance.

Industries Ball Bearings Are Used In

Ball bearings are utilised throughout many industries. Such industries are:

  • Agriculture
  • Printing
  • Paper and Cellulose
  • Machinery Tool
  • Material Production and Handling
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Railway and Transportation
  • Wind and Sustainable Energy

Benefits Of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Using deep groove ball bearings can boost your company productivity and even reduce cost.

Saves Cost

Save cost for your company by reducing overall friction torque during production. Ball bearings enable you to spend less on cooling and temperature regulation with lesser friction produced.


Ball bearings require very low maintenance as oppose to other machinery tools. Due to the fact that it is simple in design, produces minimal friction, and low operating temperature, they are highly sought after.

Deep groove ball bearings does not need extra lubrication after installation thus, reducing downtime when maintenance is needed.

In addition, deep groove ball bearings have a longer shelf life than other ball bearings variants.


Deep groove ball bearings can carry radial and axial loads, and have a wider range of applications for many industries as compared to other ball bearings.

Why Choose Shinko?

Shinko is able to provide you with deep groove ball bearings that are supplied by Schaeffler Group Industrial. They have worked with corporations in the paper machine manufacturing industries to maintenance and production material companies. We only provide our customers with top quality products that are guaranteed to be 100% authentic. They are sourced only from reliable suppliers who have expertise in this industry and a proven track record.

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