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Here at Shinko Bearings & Beltings Pte. Ltd., we are able to provide you with a wide range of industrial beltings to choose from for Industrial Power Transmission and Automotive, be it timing belts to the conventional v-belts, to name a few.

These industrial belts can be used to transport products or even food. Thus, for those companies that are in need of an industrial belt that’ll be able to cater to your needs, look no further for here in Shinko, we can provide you with the best.

Super HC® Plus™ Vextra
PowerGrip® GT2
Twin Power®



With the use of Industrial belts, you will be able to conveniently transport materials of all sizes from one place to another, easily. Furthermore, weight isn’t an issue – it can handle materials, be it light or heavy.

Reduces Need for Manual Labor

Hence, with industrial belts being able to transport materials no matter the size or weight, it automatically reduces the need for man to shed money, energy and time in a bid to transport these materials manually.

Saves Time

Using industrial beltings enables you to save time too.

Gone are the days whereby time were mostly spent transporting things manually, some of which may take up longer than others due to their weight.

With the help of our industrial belts, you’re able to not only drastically reduce the need for manual labor but also save time since these goods can be transported easily and quickly even if they’re heavy.

Why Choose Shinko?

Wide Range

As previously mentioned, we have one of the widest range of Industrial Beltings that you are able to find under one roof, in Singapore. This includes Long Length Beltings, Powergrip ones, Timing Belt Drives, Synchro Power, Powerband, Super HC Plus Vextra, Twin Power, Red Power II, V-Belts, V-Grooved Pulleys and even the Sonic Belt Tension Meter. Simply take your pick on the ones that you deem will be most beneficial and efficient.

To find out more about our industrial beltings, do drop us an email at or simply call us at +65 6294 2493.

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