Needle Roller Bearings

Needle roller bearings are widely used to reduce the friction of rotating surfaces in the paper mill sector, automobile, aviation and logistics industries to name a few. A needle roller bearing is actually considered better than other bearings as it uses needle-like cylindrical rollers that make it more efficient and scalable. If you are looking for quality needle roller bearings in Singapore, Shinko Bearings & Beltings Ptd Ltd is the ideal supplier for you.

Established in the year 1975, Shinko Bearings & Beltings is an experienced and established name in the field of industrial supplies. We distribute bearings manufactured by Schaeffler Group Industrial- a leading global industrial supplier. Call us at 65-6294 2493 or write to us at to find out more.

How Are Needle Roller Bearings Better?

This type of roller bearing is often considered to be the best out of the four different types of bearing products due to their unique features and specific as well as wide applications. Here are some factors that explain how needle roller bearings are better:

High Load Capacity

Our needle roller bearings have much higher load capacity. They are ideal for applications in the aviation of heavy automobile industries.


Despite having an array of advantageous features, needle roller bearings are not expensive at all. They are reasonably priced to fit budgets of Small and Medium Enterprises and emerging startups as well.

Great Rolling Characteristics

Needle roller bearings have great rolling characteristics in a small cross-section.

Multiple Applications

These bearings can be used in a range of automobile components such as pumps, compressors, rocker arm pivots and transmissions, to name a few. They can also be used in the aviation industry.

Can Be Used For Light-Weight Applications

Needle roller bearings are the lightest in the family and can be used for some very specific applications that require reduced weight and space.

Why Choose Shinko Bearings & Beltings Pte Ltd?

Shinko Bearings & Belting Pte Ltd has decades of industry experience and expertise. We rely only on Germany’s top manufacturer Schaeffler Group Industrial reputed to produce customized solutions that are reliable and efficient. We guarantee to provide you with the industry’s best, most durable and reliable solutions. Our dedicated customer support will be there to guide and assist you every step of the way.

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