Safety Shoes

A typical working environment presents multiple disturbances and challenges. Factors such as the working conditions or using an inappropriate footwear can further exacerbate this issue. To combat this, one should consider investing in a safety shoe that is optimal for their working conditions.

Safety shoes or otherwise known as protective footwear is what its name suggest. Essentially, safety shoes helps protect against the potential hazards at work. These dangers may not seem imminent however they include a plethora of occurrences such as electric shocks, compression, bad impacts, slipping and punctures.

Features Of A Safety Shoe

A safety shoe has various elements that serves a specific function. All of these combined is what sets them apart from a regular working shoe.

Penetration-resistant Insoles

In order to offer superior protection and provide comfort to the wearer, safety shoe features penetration-resistant insoles that comes in either a steel or textile material. These insoles are used in place of regular ones as they are able to withstand penetrations from test nails and heavy forces in line with the Singapore Standard SS 513:2005.

Protective Toe Caps

Depending on the wearer, there are various toe caps available to meet different requirements. Toe caps are typically made of steel, aluminium or composite material and offer the most basic yet crucial protection in a safety shoe. This sets a safety shoe apart since a standard working shoe does not require a mandatory toe cap.

Good Quality Lining Material

As the shoe lining is in direct contact with the foot, it therefore has the important task of ensuring breathability, water permeability and a quick drying capacity. Additionally, a quality lining material ensures that it is able to withstand high levels of rub, abrasions and resistance. The advantage of this feature also provides comfort to the wearer.

Benefits and Advantages

The better fit and quality of a footwear can prevent potential accidents that often lead to serious injuries. More than anything, Shinko ensures that these safety shoes will support you at work and ensure that it is an optimum fit. At Shinko, our goal is always to develop the shoe with a good fit, so that you can have the best possible support doing everyday movements without losing on the function of a safety shoe.

Why Come To Shinko?

Shinko has truly satisfied wearers en masse, equipping them with quality and standards-accredited safety shoes. Whatever your needs might be, Shinko will have an option for you that guarantees safety, comfort and productivity.

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