Spherical Roller Bearings

Meant to accommodate to situations where higher loads are borne, spherical roller bearings are a key feature of the provisions of Shinko Bearings and Beltings. With specialised coatings that guard from corrosion, wear and friction, all the bearings housed with us aree branded X-Life to signify premium quality and design standards.

But before you decide to make a purchase, it is crucial that you know how spherical roller bearings are different from other ball bearings.

What’s In A Spherical Roller Bearings?


How They’re Structured

Spherical roller bearings are structured with the basis of two roller bearings, as the name implies. The external and internal ring-like roller bearings which run like two raceways, hold numerous cylindrical rollers in between. The rolling element that these spherical bearings have allow for the the aspect of rotation with minimal friction. They’re also self-aligning and are able to weather loads in both axial and radial directions.


Heightened Functional Lives

Because of how spherical roller bearings are built with precision intended to reduce wear and friction whilst operating in numerous manners, they undergo copious amounts of self-adjustment to ensure that the load bearing process is always executed in an ideal manner. This means that the bearings undergo minimal peaks in stress, outlasting many other types of bearings.


Heavy and Diverse Load Accomodability

Spherical roller bearings are structurally created to handle both radial and thrust loads, though especially well with radial loads. Because of their barrel profiles, they perform exceedingly well with hefty loads, especially in comparison with other popular bearing types. A standout feature of spherical roller bearings is that they can also function under misalignment.

Find Your Bearings

If the vast selection of bearings that Shinko Belts and Bearings has doesn’t speak for itself, we know how strenuous the process of understanding bearings can be. From ball bearings to taper roller bearings, they all come at various price points, fit to perform best under specific situations.

Whether you’ve decided that spherical roller bearings are the choice for you or not, Shinko Belts and Bearings is dedicated to guiding you through your decision.

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