Thrust Ball Bearings

Thrust ball bearings, a type of rolling-element bearing, are primarily designed to support axial loads.Thrust ball bearings, a type of rolling-element bearing, are primarily designed to support axial loads.

Shinko Bearings & Beltings is a distributor for bearings products by Schaeffler Group Industrial, a leading global industrial supplier. Schaeffler Group harnesses their expertise to develop complete system solutions. Their high-precision products, which facilitate and shape mobility, can be found in a variety of aerospace and aviation applications.

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Benefits Of Thrust Ball Bearings

Reduce Friction

When metal parts come into contact with each other in automobile parts and industrial machinery, large amounts of friction and stress is produced. This friction adds to the premature wear and tear of the metal, degrading it.

Compared to roller bearings or plain bearings, thrust ball bearings reduce significant amounts of friction, permitting the metal parts to function smoothly, thus prolonging durability of the machinery.

Cost-Saving Economies

Plain bearings require constant lubrication, which is both expensive and troublesome. In terms of both the costs of lubricants and maintenance labour, thrust ball bearings can bring about cost-saving economies. This is because thrust ball bearings need less frequent replenishment.

Runs On Grease

With ball bearings power transmission units, thrust ball bearings run on grease as their lubricant, eliminating oil leakage issues. Thrust ball bearings eliminate fire hazards caused by overheated and oily plain bearings.

Increased Lifespan of Associated Equipment

Thrust ball bearings eliminate the strain present in plain bearings after idleness, hence equipment such as motors and belts is relieved of the starting torques, which materially shorten life. This is one instance where the parts directly associated with ball bearings installations benefit from their use.

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Established in 1975, Shinko Bearings & Beltings is an importer and exporter of ball bearings, belting, pulleys and V-belts for automotive and industrial power transmission. Beyond exceptional product quality, selection, and availability, the value-added services at we provide sets us apart from other bearing suppliers. Our product and ball bearings design solutions will improve your product performance, increase your company’s competitiveness, and help you get your job done with ease.

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