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Established since 1975, Shinko Bearings & Beltings is a trusted name synonymous with the supply of premium-quality industrial ball bearings. Our product line includes the high-quality LuK, INA, FAG brands under the Schaeffler Group from Germany and also a wide range of ball and roller bearings by NTN, Japan’s leading manufacturer in precision parts.

Simply put, ball bearings rollers utilise hard spherical balls that greatly reduce the friction of moving parts through the ease of handling both thrust and radial loads smoothly. They are especially helpful in transferring heavy loads as they replace sliding friction with rolling friction.

However, there are so many types of ball bearing rollers in the market and sometimes even experienced application engineers need a bit of advice. Here are some basic factors to consider:

Factors To Consider When Selecting Ball Bearing Rollers

Load And Speed

Most ball bearing rollers are designed to transport medium to heavy loads. Some can even take on extremely heavy loads on belt conveyors. The load capacity depends on the roller tube diameter, the wall thickness, the length of the tube and of course, the type of internal ball bearings used.

As for permissible speed, the maximum speed at which ball bearing rollers can operate is largely determined by the total frictional heat generated. For example, high-precision bearings that produce low levels of friction are best suited for high-speed applications because of the resulting low operating temperatures.

Nature Of Application

How and in what environment are the ball bearing rollers going to be used is a significant factor. Are you using it for heavy conveyor loads? Or light loads in humid environments? What about the frequency of usage and temperature that it will be exposed to?

For example, if the rollers are to be used in a food plant application, there will be more contamination from food and different caustic detergents during cleaning. All these can corrode the seal and damage the ball bearings.


We offer a wide variety of ball bearing roller diameters for all types of industrial and commercial purposes. Selected models come with options for polyurethane and vinyl coating as well. Besides the commonly used steel and galvanized steel rollers, PVC, aluminum, and stainless steel models are also available.

If you are unsure on how to determine the above factors, let our veteran team at Shinko help you in making the right choice for your application! We guarantee the best quality ball bearing rollers at the most competitive prices. Contact us for a consultation now!

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