Roller Bearings are rolling-element bearings that utilizes cylindrical rollers to sustain the division between moving parts of the bearing. They are designed to carry a load while minimising friction.

The impetus of a roller bearing is to lessen rotational friction and support radial and axial loads. They are versatile as they can consist of single or multiple rows of elements in which the latter can considerably improve radial load capacity.

This best allows for the many applications necessitated across a multitude of potential purposes in which ball bearings can be used. Some of the more commonly found types of ball bearings are axial, deep-groove, angular contact, and preloaded pairs.

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Benefits and Advantages


Has the ability to withstand momentary shock loads and has the accuracy of shaft alignment


Has a low cost of maintenance as no lubrication is needed while in service


Easy to mount and erect, thus application and installation are fuss-free

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Shinko is a importer and exporter of bearings, belting, pulleys and v-belts for automotive and industrial power transmission. It provides a complete package of service equipment and services, with storage of rolling bearings, handling and maintenance of rolling bearings, condition monitoring and root cause analysis. Shinko provides quality products and services and is your one stop destination for your automotive and industrial needs.

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