Flanged Ball Bearings

Shinko Bearings and Beltings Pte Ltd is known for its certified hardware products since 1994. With an eye for detail and durability, our company offers industrial professionals the seal of dependability they can trust.

We supply the leading Schaeffler brand of flanged ball bearings with a guarantee of high-grade quality.

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The Uses And Benefits Of Flanged Ball Bearings


Flanged ball bearings prevent displacement due to axial thrusting. As a result, the unique design of flanged ball bearings contain a component that holds the ball bearings in place, against axial load movement. Thus, equipment with high vibration disturbances will benefit from flange bearing types.

Optimise Function with other Bearings

Flange designs may be combined with other plain ball bearings, resulting in improved machinery function that reduces friction damage and sustaining against a variety of loads, leading to improved overall durability.

Thermal Sustainability

Due to its design feature, flanged ball bearings retain their housing despite thermal expansion, as axial loads keep them in place. Thus, flange bearing types are popular among engineers for their durability.

Why Go With Shinko Bearings And Beltings Pte Ltd?


Leading Brand

Our company provides the trusted Schaeffler brand of industrial bearings, globally known for its reliability and efficiency at raising industrial productivity. Results have been tested and proven by paper mills and other large industries around the world.


Specialised Product Feature

We provide flanged ball bearings with the special X-life feature that assists in reduced power consumption, longer function and less operational costs. Our ball bearings are manufactured to maximise the productivity of your businesses.



Over 20 years of experience has allowed our team to provide the products that meet the gold standards of the manufacturing industries. Our supplies stem from the INA and FAG brands of the Schaeffler group, which provide deep groove ball bearings, services and maintenances for leading companies around the world.

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