Linear Ball Bearings

Comprised of linear recirculating ball bearing units, the Linear Ball Bearing is intended for a compact, high performance design. Besides requiring minimal servicing, they can operate at high speeds with minimal friction to facilitate large distances.

Linear Ball Bearings has its own unique features and they differs greatly from the other types of ball bearings out in the market.

How Are They Structured?

To offer the smooth precision motion a Linear Ball Bearings is known for, they are supported by bearings housed in the linear base with strong self-lubrication properties. The structure helps increase reliability along a single axis linear design.


Product Design

This low-friction linear movement is possible due to a combination of things. Linear Ball Bearings are commonly constructed from materials such as galvanized steel, rolled steel or aluminium. They also tend to have a high load capacity because the ball bearings are less resistant to wear and tear.


What Are The Applications Of A Linear Ball Bearings?

Because of how they are built, applications include assembly, accommodating hefty loads and delicate instrumentation. Although they are highly versatile, Linear Ball Bearings have primarily benefited the furniture, construction and electronics industries.

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