Roller Thrust Bearings

Similar to thrust ball bearings, roller thrust bearings are designed to support thrust loads. They are commonly used for gear support applications in general.

Shinko Bearings & Beltings is a distributor for bearings products by Schaeffler Group Industrial, a leading global industrial supplier. Schaeffler Group harnesses their expertise to develop complete system solutions. Their high-precision products, which facilitate and shape mobility, can be found in a variety of aerospace and aviation applications.

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Why Use Roller Thrust Bearings?

High Load Bearing Capacity

Composed of cylindrical rolling elements, roller thrust bearings are used in applications where large load is to be borne.

The cylindrical shape of the roller ensures contact between the outer and inner race is a straight line, instead of a single point. Thus, there is a greater contact than ball bearings and the load is spread out over a larger area.

Hence, roller bearings are able to bear a much heavier load than ball bearings of equivalent size.

Low Friction

Tapered roller thrust bearings have an optimized roller end design and surface finish on the flange, which promotes lubricant film formation. In turn, this results in lower friction. Likewise, in spherical roller thrust bearings, optimized contact between the roller end and the flange keeps frictional heat low, including at high speeds.

Long Service Life

Roller thrust bearings have a long service life. This results because the roller profile reduces edge stresses at the point of contact between the roller and the raceway. In turn, this optimizes the load distribution along the contact surfaces, reduces stress peaks at the roller ends, and reduces the sensitivity to misalignment in comparison to conventional raceway profiles.

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