Timing Belts

Deep groove ball bearings come in several varieties and are designed for different purposes. These ball bearings are widely used in varying industries from heavy types of machinery to high precision equipment.

If your company is looking to install new deep groove ball bearings or wish to replace existing equipment with these ball bearings, Shinko is able to assist you from start to end with sound advice and information.

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What Are Timing Belts?

Timing belts are essential in any machine that requires the turnings of any gear. The belt synchronises the rotation of a crankshaft with the engine valves, which then allow them to open and close at the proper timing during air intake and exhaust stroke.

What Is The Optibelt Polyurethane Timing Belt?

Polyurethane is a high-grade material known for its durability and strength. A polymer composed of many links, this ensures extra durability when used in a machine.

Our Available Optibelt Timing Belts:


Optibelt Delta Chain Carbon

A high-performance timing belt that can withstand large loads.


Optibelt Alpha Power

A belt with a 30% higher performance that allows you to cut costs.


Optibelt Alpha Torque

Made from abrasion-resistant polyurethane and suitable for a variety of uses.


Optibelt Alpha Flex

An endless belt without any breaks in tension or reinforcement.


Optibelt Alpha Linear

Dimensionally stable with precise positioning.


Optibelt Alpha V

Ideal for conveying technology, these belts are high-strength.


Optibelt Alpha Linear Special

Made with mechanical belt joints, these belts are created for allowed detaching and joining and permanent attachment


Optibelt Alpha Pinjoint

Made with mechanical belt joints, these belts are created for allowed detaching and joining and permanent attachment


Optibelt Alpha Linear (For the Food Industry)

Equipped with a polyurethane base material that is FDA approval for the direct transport of foodstuffs.


Optibelt Alpha Track Timing Belts

Perfect for when moving large loads.


Optibelt Alpha SRP

Belts with cleats and coatings, used for conveying systems.

Why Buy From Shinko?

Optibelt is known as a key player in the beltings industry. Thus, Shinko is a hundred percent assured of the quality of their products, and seek to share the same assuredness to our customers as well. At Shinko, Quality Is Never An Extra Load! We can wholeheartedly assure you that all our bearings and belts are sourced from a high-quality provider.
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