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V-belts are considered the basic belt for power transmission. Our Optibelt V-belts are of high-quality and require low-maintenance, making them the ideal brand of choice for your industry.

At Shinko, our high-precision products facilitate and shape mobility, and can be found in a variety of aerospace and aviation applications.

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Why Use Optibelt’s V-Belts?

Oil Resistant

Made with bonded dual layer fabric, Optibelt’s V-belts are protected against wear and the elements. This prevents the damaging effects of mineral oils and greases, as long as these substances are not in permanent contact with the timing belt, or are not present in large quantities.

Optibelt’s industry-engineered banded V-belts are also dual wrapped to withstand tough environments. This makes Optibelt’s V-belts a powerful solution for the oil and gas industry.

Heat Resistant

Standard V-belts allow ambient temperatures of up to 70°C. Temperatures exceeding this range lead to premature ageing and hardening of V-belts.

The Optibelt range includes a selection of extra heat-resistant V-belts. These are made with rubber compounds, which aid in preventing premature ageing and brittleness.

Dust Resistant

Dust significantly reduces the service life of V-belts. Optibelt V-belts’ wear-resistant fabric covers enable them to be resistant to dust. Hence, they are the choice solution in a range of applications. These include cement factories, mills, stone processing industries, and the mining industry.

Why Choose Shinko?

Established in 1975, Shinko Bearings & Beltings is an importer and exporter of bearings, beltings, pulleys and V-belts for automotive and industrial power transmission.

By choosing Shinko Bearings and Beltings, you can be assured of exceptional product quality, selection, and availability. Our product and ball bearings design solutions will improve your product performance, increase your company’s competitiveness, and help you get your job done with ease.

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